Cjus 300 research paper and outline | CJUS 300 | Liberty University


Research Paper: Final Instructions

You will write a research paper about a selected topic in justice administration and how it relates to a specific administrative, leadership, or management issue involving the operations of police, courts, corrections or other criminal justice organizations.

This assignment has 3 parts:

1. Topic:

A specific criminal justice topic will be chosen and submitted to the instructor for approval by the end of Module/Week 3.

2. Outline:

Your outline will be created and submitted by the end of Module/Week 5.

3. Research Paper: Final:

· Body is at least 8 pages (double-spaced)

o A title page and reference page

o At least 10 Internet-based, scholarly/academic sources

o At least 2 Bible verses related to the topic

· Include how the research affects your approach to justice administration.

· Information for this paper must come from peer-reviewed articles, scholarly works, government websites, justice administration agency websites, the Bible, and other online academic-quality/scholarly sources.

· You may use college textbooks as supporting references, but they will not count for grading purposes.

· Review the Research Paper Grading Rubric for further guidance on the paper’s content and direction.

Submit the Research Paper: Final by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 7.