Classify The Following As Likely Copyrightable Or Not Copyrightable

Classify the following as likely copyrightable or not copyrightable.
• The lyrics to the Macarena song
• The dance steps and moves to the Macarena song
• The filmed television performance of celebrities on Dancing with the Stars
• A PowerPoint presentation by the board of directors of Ford Motor Co.
• A speech written for the chairman of Ford Motor Co.
• A law firm’s sheets for keeping time
• A list of Supreme Court Justices
• GEICO’s slogan “Even a caveman can do it”
• The scripts for the GEICO “caveman” commercials
• A knife
• An engraved rose on a knife
• An idea for a method of online banking
• Federal regulations relating to banking
• A novel that includes highly offensive language and racist content

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