Classifying Costs Value Chain Bank Consider A Major Bank Classify

Classifying costs; value chain: bank Consider a major bank. Classify the costs listed below using the following value chain classifications:
(a) Research and development.
(b) Design.
(c) Production/delivery.
(d) Marketing.
(e) Customer support.
1. Salaries of the tellers who process deposits and withdrawals.
2. Salaries of the managers who develop new services.
3. Cost of IT equipment used by tellers.
4. Cost of the mainframe computers that process all deposits and withdrawals.
5. Salaries of staff who deal with customer complaints.
6. Cost of operating the automatic teller machines (ATMs).
7. Cost of advertising in the newspapers.
8. Salaries of the technicians who service the ATMs.
9. Salaries of the head office team that monitors trends in the banking industry.

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