Comelli And Francesconi Examined Mixtures Of Propionic Acid

Comelli and Francesconi examined mixtures of propionic acid with various other organic liquids at 313.15 K (F. Comelli and R. Francesconi, Chem.
Eng. Data 41,101 (1996)). They report the excess volume of mixing propionic acid with oxane as VE = x1X: 2{aO + a, (x, – X:2)}, where x, is the mole fraction of propionic acid, Xl that of oxane, ao = -2.4697 cm’ mol-1 and a,
= 0.0608 cm3 mol-1 . The density of propionic acid at this temperature is 0.97174 g cm-3; that of oxane is 0.86398 g cm-3
(a) Derive an expression for the partial molar volume of each component at this temperature.
(b) Compute the partial molar volume for each component in an equimolar mixture.

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