Commercial Cumene Cracking Catalyst

A is in the form of pellets with a diameter of 0.35 cm which have a surface area, Am, of 420m2 g –1and a void volume, Vm, of 0:42 cm3 g–1. The pellet density is 1.14 g cm–3. The measured 1st-order rate constant for this reaction at 685K was 1:49 cm3 s–1 g–1. Assume that Knudsen diffusion dominates and the path length is determined by the pore diameter, dp. An average pore radius can be estimated from the relationship rp = 2Vm / Am if the pores are modeled as non interconnected cylinders (see equation 4.94). Assuming isothermal operation, calculate the Thiele modulus and determine the effectiveness factor, h, under these conditions.

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