Company Manufactures And Sells Single Product

Company manufactures and sells a single product. Cost data for the product are given below:

The product sells for $60 per unit. Production and sales data for July and August, the first two months of operations, follow:

The company’s Accounting Department has prepared absorption costing income statements for July and August as presented below:


1.         Determine the unit product cost under:

 a.    Absorption costing.

 b.    Variable costing.

2.         Prepare contribution format variable costing income statements for July and August.

3.         Reconcile the variable costing and absorption costing net operating income figures.

4.         The company’s Accounting Department has determined the company’s break-even point to be

16,000 units per month, computed as follows:

“I’m confused,” said the president. “The accounting people say that our break-even point is 16,000 units per month, but we sold only 15,000 units in July, and the income statement they prepared shows a $10,000 profit for that month. Either the income statement is wrong or the break-even point is wrong:’ Prepare a brief memo for the president, explaining what happened on the July income statement.

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