Complete 1 Page Apa Formatted Essay Plato S Phaedo Discussion Through The Dial

Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Plato’s _Phaedo_ Discussion.

Through the dialogue of Phaedo, Plato had been able to present one of his greatest contributions to philosophy which is the perspective of dualities, wherein every concept is viewed and given reason through the opposing concept. Few examples include the body and the soul, right and wrong, darkness and light, night and day, etc. Though concepts are not delineated clearly, the view of duality is the simplest manner of philosophizing regarding the existence of different matter and concepts. Another contribution of Plato’s Phaedo is the further discussion of the Forms, an example of which is the soul. Are Plato’s views applicable in the modern era? On a personal note, Plato’s views can be considered exceptional even in the present era. His views regarding the Forms have influence in the philosophies of the people in the present generation. The main difference though is that the immortality of the soul in the present views of people is related to religion and faith while for Plato the soul is an entity of knowledge, thus, related to science. The view on virtue is also another example. Virtue according to Plato can only be observed in philosophers or people of knowledge since they are aware of the concept of virtue itself.

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