Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Case Note. Job characteristics theory is a

Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Case Note.
Job characteristics theory is a working design with a set of principles for job enriching in organizations. Job characteristics theory has five major aspects of address including motivation, satisfaction, performance, absenteeism, and turnover. The scenario at DrainFlow in which employee dissatisfaction is a common occurrence, the employees should be given incentives as motivation for every good performance and an encouragement to other employees to work harder. Additionally, the duties of the order processors and the billing agents need to merge to ensure that customer issues are addressed from a single department. Such would prevent employee dissatisfaction from customer complaints.
Indeed, Reynaldo has little clue on the implementation of cash reward system. In the current scenario at DrainFlow, proves very tedious for the implementation of the system considering that different departments handle customers at different levels and, therefore determining which employee to reward would be ideally a tough task. In order for effective implementation of the cash reward system, it is significantly important that all the departments operate from a common command center. In such a setting, a customer will deal with a particular employee from the time the customer submits a plumbing problem, sending of a plumber, and making payments all occur from a common pull. Such a way would ensure an easy track of the best-performing employees and worthy of a reward.
Financial incentives are indeed a better way of rewarding best-performing employees for the success of an organization. The advantages associated with financial incentives includes increased performance among employees as a means of getting the financial incentives and recognizing of employee priorities and work on the areas of under-performance. Financial incentives also have its disadvantages such as the genesis of division among employees, especially

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