Complete all questions below one by one

Complete each of these using more than 150 words but limit to 250 if needed.

Question 1 :  You are leading an organization wide transformation effort and your senior vice president asks you to make a presentation to the board of directors on what you believe is the most important element of a successful change effort at your organization.  Describe this key element and why do you believe it is the most important? 

Question 2:  Compare and contrast the Lean IT Roadmap and Kotter’s 8 step process. 

Question 3:  Your senior vice president tells you “Its ok to manage our change efforts from your office”.  Why is this wrong? 

Question 4:  Your CEO is concerned about taking the first steps on the Agile Lean transformation effort. She understands that companies often fail because they cannot figure out where to start.  You know as the transformation leader that you need to view change management from two viewpoints – managers and front-line employees .  So, when your CEO asks you to describe what would be your first step, you decide to use the managers and front-line employees as the starting point. What specifically will you tell her about one step you would take with managers and one step you would take with employees? 

Question 5:  

Visual management permits the workplace and specifically its processes to be visible.

Why is visual management so important for a Lean transformation?

What does an effective visual management system look like?

What are the benefits created by an effective visual management system?

Question 6:  Describe what you believe are the key leadership roles in implementing a Lean transformation.  Then select one of these roles and describe what you would do to model it within your organization. 

Question 7:  Define the term Catchball.  In regards to a catchball or PDCA Cycle, compare and contrast the provided A3 and Change Canvas templates.  Which do you think is better for documenting strategic alignment activities?  Why?