Complete Database Exercise By Converting User Form Located The Evaluation Proced

Complete database exercise by converting user form located the evaluation procedures section of the syllabus (page 8) into 1NF and 2NF. Remember to identify your primary keys for 1NF and 2NF. Your 1NF and 2NF response should use the shorthand representation of the tables (See page 34 of the textbook). . Explain the table characteristics identifying correct conversion into 1NF and 2NF. You can provide your response in a word document.InvoiceCompanyNameAcct BalanceAcct LimitPart1Quantity1Price1Part2Quantity2Price287Mary’s IT Services500020000Bolt5010Nut402072Mel’s Hotdogs72007200Bolt10010Screw453057Brookings50012000Screw6030Bolt651067Parker’s10005000Nut70203Action Computer’s100010000Screw40307Kline’s80009999Bolt30109John’s1000030000Nail255017Lee’s7001000Bolt7510Nail1205019Al’s70007000Screw1103020Al’s70007000Nut9020

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