Compose a 1000 words essay on Grammer & Academic Writing. Needs to be plagiarism

Compose a 1000 words essay on Grammer & Academic Writing. Needs to be plagiarism free!
The writer feels that his grammar has improved due to his constant usage of the language itself – be it in the form of written, spoken or reading comprehension. The hard work usually pays at the end on the part of the writer since he has been able to suggest quite a few changes to his repertoire of the vocabulary that he possessed back then (when he was starting on improving his grammatical acumen) and now.
The change has been pretty obvious as he has taken giant strides and completely changed the way he sees the language as a result of the same undertakings. He has liked the whole concept of acquainting himself in line with learning the intricacies involved with grammar usage. However the strengths and weaknesses exist side by side and since man is always bent on a learning curve, the writer feels that there is still a long way to go before he could consider himself a fully developed native speaker, writer and a reader of repute. The strengths have been in the area of correct usage of nouns, pronouns, adverbs and adjectives. The writer has noticed that he is putting the required words at the end of the sentences where he used to fumble in the beginning of his quest. He has determined his weaknesses within this area and understood the manner by which the same have started to blossom as his strengths. This is surely a positive sign and suggests some good things for the future as far as acquainting himself with the language is concerned.
In the end, the writer feels that he needs to back up his claims of improving his grammar by reading books, newspapers and above all, using the language with the people that he meets up with on a daily basis. He has to be proactive in his approach of the language so that his grammar improves and he starts to speak and write in a fluent manner. It is a given that this fluency would look good if correct usage of grammar is assured,

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