Compose a 750 words essay on Interpersonal Communication Project. Needs to be pl

Compose a 750 words essay on Interpersonal Communication Project. Needs to be plagiarism free!
basic concept that I learned from the research is that when a motivated teacher blends “innovative and traditional strategies” the students become more motivated to learn and incorporate necessary changes in their attitudes (Bernaus, Wilson & Gardner, 2009, p.32). Thus, when the concept of education encompasses character development, aligned with the traditional learning processes, it can nourish in students qualities of “justice, diligence, compassion, respect, and courage” as well as imbibe in them a drive to live with these values (11 Principles, 2010, p.1). Similarly, I have also learned that as opposed to conventional notions of education giving high levels of intelligence, I believe a stronger foundation on values and ethics should be the ultimate objective of learning. I also understand that once such values are imbibed in students they will become diligent, perseverant and hard working. Besides, it will also facilitate them the traits of “critical thinking and positive attitude” (p.2). I also learned that while mugging up parts of lessons may fetch a student higher percentage of marks, one who acquires the ability to critically think will fare better in practical life when assigned a task to execute. I consider the element of interest as the basic component of motivation and thus I strive to design lessons and projects that evoke the interest of students. Similarly, I have come to appreciate the fact that though motivation often determines success, the activity that leads to the attainment comes from one’s character, which facilitates “natural ability and competence” (Kheruniah, 2013, p.108). Thus, I have learned that building up students’ character will go a long way in making them successful by pursuing their goals more vigorously.
My understanding of above concepts will enable me to employ suitable skills to design my teaching plans as well as solving problems. Besides, it signifies the importance of making children adhere to the

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