Computer projects in word, excel and powerpoint

18PR) Capstone Project Instructions

Last Changed: 8/17/2018

This module includes the following four projects to be completed on your PC and Uploaded into your EagleOnline/Canvas course to be graded by your professor:

• Part 1 – PPT Project: This project includes a PPT presentation based on the topic provided to you by your instructor.

• Part 2 – WORD Project: This project is based on Word modules.

• Part 3 – EXCEL Project: This project is based on Excel modules.

• Part 4 – ACCESS Project: This project is based on Access modules.

Perform the steps in the order listed. Check your work before submitting

(Print this sheet if needed)

    NOTE: Make sure to view the (18PR) PPT Sample Solution.pdf link within this module to get some ideas on

  how to incorporate the features listed below into a PPT presentation.


Part 1 – PPT Project Instructions

Create a new PowerPoint presentation file on your PC (or flash drive) named 18PR_ppt_LastFirst, where LastFirst is your actual Lastname and Firstname (For example, if your name is Mary Smith, you will name the file 18PR_ppt_






TOPIC for PowerPoint ProjectCheck with your Instructor Some rules to follow in creating your presentation along with some suggestions:

a. Do not use foul language (keep it clean)

b. Do not make sexual innuendoes

c. Keep it “G-rated” (something you could have kids to read)

d. Try to “teach” or “inform”


   3. Presentation should contain no less than 10 and no more than 20 slides. 1


 Use a template or a theme.

For Templates: Click on File/New, and then you can select PowerPoint presentations and slides, Sample Templates, or you can enter a module in the “Search for Templates” box to search for various templates (though that will also give you invitations, and all sorts of other things)