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Can you change consumers’ attitudes about your product?

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Consider yourself a relatively recent graduate in Marketing, with varied education and experience in Marketing, Consumer Behavior, and Advertising Strategy.  You have joined the sizable Blue Water Kitchen Cabinet Company as a marketing consultant.  You have been named to a New Market Development Team, looking to bring your company’s product into the 55+ Active senior neighborhood market.   After talking with your CEO James Smith and a local Florida home remodeler, you realize the local Active Senior culture may be very different than the traditional new home US culture for your product.   In fact, there may be some unique aspects of microcultures in the Senior market.

You see a major opportunity at your firm to be an effective troubleshooter and idea person, and you want to make your mark by “attacking” some key issues/problems and making some effective recommendations. 

Your instructor in college said to never waste your time on a major new market development investment until you thoroughly understand the profiles of the potential customers as well as you understand yourself, ie, getting inside the heads of customers.  This will put you on a fast track for a promotion, if you can show management that you are an effective consumer behavior researcher, marketing problem-solver and program developer on this new market development team.

Fully consider all the questions in this case. In Chapter 7 and Chapter 10 of your consumer behavior book, you have heard of concepts of Attitude Change and about Microcultures.  The Senior market is a whole set of microcultures, see if you find any segmentation studies for the very large group of 55+ and 65+ Seniors.  Many segments may have very distinct needs.    Active Seniors age in place in their 55+ communities and they may need more kitchen accommodations as they age. What are the recommendations you will present to management from your research?

Create a Word document with your assigned questions listed and begin to answer the questions. Create your Word document by fully answering each question, following your investigation of the subject I pose to you.  This post should be about 4 paragraphs and 15-16 sentences as a minimum.  Find other supporting websites or articles to enhance your analysis of the marketing problem.

Before you submit your discussion post, proofread it and spellcheck it, since you will not be able to edit your post once submitted. You can type your post into the message window or cut and paste from the Word document that the formatting you decide. Give your post a Title and click Save to submit.

Questions to be answered for your Initial post.

1.What are the unique needs in the Senior market?  What segments of Seniors should your company target?  Describe in 4-5 sentences.

2.What product line changes may be necessary to promote in the Active Senior market in Florida? Describe in 4-5 sentences.

3.In order to increase your sales in this market, you need to communications plan that shows you understand the needs of this market and that will create positive attitude change toward your Blue Water Senior product line.  How can you do this?  Describe in 4-5 sentences.

4.How does message strength, source expertise, and personal relevant lead to advertising persuasion?

Describe in 4-5 sentences.

5.Summarize how and why consumers change their behavior.  Describe in 4-5 sentences.