Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Energy Policy Paradox. The earth’s re

Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Energy Policy Paradox.
The earth’s respiration will be eased when people consume less of the plastic materials and walk more instead of driving in cars. However, realistically, people still need to drive and consumer products. Thus, solution that is more plausible would be electric cars and extensive recycling programs that educate people to reuse the previously used materials. By doing so, there will be no carbon flux that will negatively influence the earth’s fine balance on the carbon cycle.
There is also the need to introduce sequestration where the carbon dioxide emitted is trapped before it spreads to the atmosphere. The Carbon dioxide is trapped as gas and then pumped underground or to the ocean. Countries should start using renewable energy sources such as solar, biofuels, wave, and wind as a direct substitute to the fossils fuels and erase carbon dioxide emissions. Renewable energy is efficient and it does emit carbon dioxide that leads to climate change. People should be encouraged to plant trees and save the natural environment from degradation.
Summarily, greenhouse gases, fossil fuels, and human activities are responsible for the change in climatic patterns. The amount of carbon dioxide emitted in the atmosphere is very high which leads to climatic changes. Therefore, there is the need to curb climate change through introduction of renewable energy to avoid the usage of fossil fuels, cut on green gases emitted from industries, and practice tree planting in order to minimize environmental

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