Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Economic Development. ts in the devel

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Economic Development.
ts in the development of many countries after their collateral damages due to coercive social systems as well as authoritarian political administration.
The book was made on the ground of studies required for the renaissance alarms in the events and their aftermath followed by continuous sessions of inflations and capital losses incurred by leading Asian economies like the Middle-East gulf countries and India as against the rise of China from the verge of total poverty. Amartya Sen’s views of the aspect ‘freedom’ have been clearly explored throughout his logical analyses taking the support of various religious perspectives based on stories related to human needs and ends. More preferably, Sen notes that freedoms of different kinds in the social life not only bring development of living conditions, but also act as the means of most the reforms in socio-economic growth (11). The author’s candid style of linking the morals from great episodes of ancient Indian religious beliefs with the present day’s quest for uneven distributional proportion of fund-finding helps the reading easily accessible to the facts of the Asian economy.
‘Development of Freedom’ gives the most acceptable definition to the amount of emphasize on individual freedom required for the development in economic thoughts as a perspective from different angles of the society. Sen says that the application of social justice and various approaches of political philosophy in different informational bases have serious flaws if the priority is given for substantive individual freedoms in the development process (56). The author’s empirical views on importance of freedom to choose the value of life and the need for basic social and individual requirements such as education, primary health and information play the key role in the making of this great book. Sen’s work suggests that, where the partial negligence of the changing governments and equal amount of ignorance among the

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