Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Smoking Tobacco. Furthermore, the res

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Smoking Tobacco.
Furthermore, the research paper intends to discuss on the adverse effects of tobacco smoking to the body and the various measures that would help on how to discourage smoking: information drive on the diseases that can be acquired from smoking tobacco, the government intervention to lower down the number of cases of teenage smoking, and policies that would help reduce the consumption of tobacco products among others.
Teenage smoking in the UAE is constantly alarming the government with more teens engaging into tobacco smoking. A recent report divulges that one out of five teenage boys in UAE smokes (Bell n.p.). Basically, this number is high posing 20% rate on the teenage smoking case in the country. The researcher contemplates on the potential reasons that contribute to the easy access that allows teenage boys to smoke. If the level of accessibility can be lowered down to an extent that their consumption of tobacco products can be controlled, then the numbers would obviously go down. In a recent article written by Jennifer Bell for The National, she wrote that experts consider the cheap price of tobacco products and inadequate education about the health risks associated with tobacco smoking as main causes for the increasing number of teenagers engaging into tobacco smoking.
This paper seeks to contribute to the ongoing discussion of this topic by posing questions that are significantly relevant to the causes of teenage smoking: can changes in policies concerning the distribution of tobacco products help in reducing the number of teenagers engaging in tobacco smoking? How do we ensure that teenage kids are well-educated about the adverse effects of tobacco smoking to their health?
The target audiences of this research are the government and the teenage smokers. First, the government because they have to initiate ways on how to lower down cases of teenage smoking. second, teenagers

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