Criminology assignment 10 questions (deadline 25 sept 0800 est)

 Assignment 5:

Instructions Class: T1/CJ Criminology Book is Criminology Today 6th edition (Chapter 1-11)

Ch. 9


1.  Recent legislation requires that universities publish statistics on crime on campus.  Obtain information about violent crime occurring at a university campus.  Troy excluded because I do not want every student to use Troy.  Compare the rates of serious violent crimes on campus to the rates in neighboring jurisdictions.  How safe does your university appear to be?


2. Select four theories that you have discussed in previous chapters and discuss how each of these might explain the crimes of assault and robbery. Be sure to tell me the chapter.


3. Why are crime typologies useful for understanding patterns of violent crime?


4. Locate programs and other resources that are available in your community for victims of domestic violence.  Please share the name, services provided and mission.


Ch. 10


5. To what extent is thrill seeking a motivation behind certain types of property offenses?  How might it contribute to the crime of shoplifting?


6. What are some characteristics of persistent and professional thieves?


7. Identify and describe the major forms of property crime discussed in this chapter?


8. To what extent are property offender’s rational actors?


Ch. 11


9.  What are the various categories of controlled substances described by federal law? 


10.  What is drug trafficking, and what five efforts are being made to curtail it?


11. What is prostitution?  What are the various types of prostitutes identified in this chapter?


12.  Do you think that prostitution should be legalized?  Why or why not?