Crisis communication #1 | English homework help

!!!!!Guided Discussion 1: Begin this discussion posting by stating what you believe to be a crisis. Next, explain what crisis communication involves and describe several types of crises. When writing your discussion, sure to include examples from the assigned readings/videos (In addition, you may also include personal experiences). Your post MUST be at least one paragraph!!!!!!

Watch the assignment video.

Read 4 articles below: 

1. Read: (Mitroff (2005) Managing Crises Before They Happen, Chap 1 “Why Crises Are Inevitable”) 

2. Read: Mitroff, Chap 3 “Best Practices Model”

3.Read: Girboveanu, Sorina-Raula: How to Manage a Public Relations CrisisPreview the document

4. Read: Johar, G.V., Matthias M Birk, and Sabine A Einwiller (Summer 2010)” How to Save Your Brand In the Face of Crisis.” MIT Sloan Management Review. 51 (4), pp 57+. Preview the document