Crisis response plan | SOCW 6336 – Crisis, Trauma, and Disaster Response | Walden University

For this Assignment, identify a current event related to a crisis that occurred in a school or workplace/institutional setting. Develop a crisis response plan for the crisis you selected. Be very specific and include all necessary components for an effective response. This plan should be appropriate to the specific setting and crisis you have described. Then create a 5-7 minute PowerPoint presentation in which you present the crisis plan. Record your presentation using the Personal Space function of Kaltura.

The Assignment (5-7 minute PPT presentation):

  • Briefly describe the crisis you selected.
  • Explain how the institution can prepare for the potential crisis.
  • Explain how the institution will respond during the crisis.
  • Explain postvention strategies to respond to the traumatic event after it has occurred.

Explain any cultural, ethical, and/or legal issues related to the crisis response plan. Consider each stage of the plan: preparation, implementation, follow-up.