Cultural Identity And Interpersonal Communication

Cultural Identity and Interpersonal Communication

Course Objectives:

  • Examine yourself as a cultural being and enhance self and other awareness about cultures.
  • Apply an understanding of and sensitivity to a variety of cultural perspectives and be able to identify ways of understanding and appreciating cultural similarities and dealing with challenges that arise from cultural differences.

Topics of Discussion:

  • Types of initial intercultural interactions
  • Culture shock and cultural adaptation
  • How anxiety and uncertainty impact intercultural interaction
  • Accommodation and non-accommodation

Instructions: Submit a 600 word essay of your first experience as a traveler.

Ensure that your essay is posted with an APA formatted cover page, the body of an essay with citations, and with a minimum of 3 references.

I want you to associate the experience with the information from the course lectures and reading materials. I will allow the first person point of view for this essay. 

1) Describe your first impression of the location.
2) Describe your immediate reaction to the people and how you were able to communicate with them.
3) If you had a chance to do it over, what would you do differently?
4) How has this experience and what you have learned in this course changed your perspective of intercultural communication?

DISCLAIMER: Originality of attachments will be verified.

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