Current event journal assignment u3-4

  Over the course of the class, you will be retrieving and evaluating current event articles (in the last 5 years); making connections between the units we are currently studying and today. You will be responsible for finding an online article from a reputable news source. For example:, USA Today, The New York Times, etc. Instructions: In your current event assignment, please address each of the following: • Provide a summary of the article (include source, date, important people and events, place/location). • Explain the connection to the information we studied in Units 3 and 4. o Use the following questions/prompts as a guide:  How does this current event article connect to the unit we are currently studying?  What impact did the past have on the events taking place today? Is it political, economic and/or social?  Describe specific historical events/people/documents that are involved and explain how they are involved.  What does the current event article tell us about the past?  What predictions do you have on this event affecting the future? • Provide a reflection on your personal opinions regarding the current event article and the historical event it is connected to. • Make sure to provide a hyperlink to the article (check to make sure the hyperlink works). 


Agragarian Distress & the Rise of Populism, The Reform Impulse, Roosevelt’s Reforms, Taft & Wilson