Cyber-forensics and computer forensics on space and cyberspace


Final Paper: 7 pages (not including reference page), well-written, properly, Plus another page with

Cited, and 5 or more references. CRITICAL THINKING and PROPER APA7 will be graded carefully. Due by Friday 19 November 2021 EST 4:00pm

Define “space” and “cyberspace” – are they the same or different? 

In your opinion, should “space” be a CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE or is it just everywhere so include as part of CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE risk management portfolios as a vector or National Critical Functions (NCF)?

References will be not older than 4 years and cited as the following example:

PInow. (2021). Forensic Investigation. Forensic Investigation, p. 1 para 4.

You can use the SEARCH: academic journals/agency reports.

Also, this might help, just click and follow the links.

• READ: National Critical Functions | CISA


• READ: Space ISAC – Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center (

• READ: INSA_WP_Space_v3.pdf (

Due by Friday 19 November 2021 EST 4:00pm