Data and information | Management homework help


read  on Data and How Information Supports Decision Making, paying particular attention to the Levels of Decision Making.  For purposes of this discussion, we will use a retail business as an example.  This retail business is comprised of the corporate headquarters, regions (oversees several stores in a geographic area) and individual stores.  Each of these aligns to one of the three levels of decision makers in an organization.  

Main Postings:  Select one of the levels of decision making and identify one decision that a manager at that level might make.  The decision must relate to the retail business and what it does.  Then, explain what information a manager at that level might get from the IT systems  (such as inventory management or customer information system) to aid in making that decision.

ExampleManagerial Level:  The Regional Director makes a decision to shift inventory that is not selling in one store to another store where sales in those items are high.  To support this decision, the Regional Director would need information on sales of specific products by store.