Decide on one piece of future technology or a technology from the


Future Technology Project.

CLO4: Deliver effective presentations

Decide on one piece of future technology or a technology from the online videos on Moodle or from films that you would like to see become real.

Make a short PowerPoint about it (7 slides max).

Describe the technology / what does it do etc…

How far have we got towards making it available?

What do we still need to develop for it to be real?

Explain how it might work.

Explain how it might be useful for humanity

Further guidance.

Try and look at something that hasn’t yet happened and find out how far we have got towards making it happen.

A great place to start is in films or books that use technology that hasn’t yet been made.

Example of movies

Hunger games – In the arena the game maker can create plants, animals or weather at the touch of a few buttons. Are these solid holograms or genetic engineering?

Transcendence – A human mind is uploaded to a computer.

Almost any space movie – Warp drives.

Some web links: As a starting point.

Flexible Phones:





Warp drive:

Mind control:

Sentient computers:

Web search tips:

Use different combinations of words and terms don’t just keep asking the same question.

Try different names for the same thing.

Don’t just go for the first link scroll and try and find different pages.