Define the sociological concept/term (2)


Sub titles ( might be helpfull when you write)

   Against women

   Women are more likely to be injured by a family member 

   than to be mugged or raped by a stranger or hurt in an automobile accident 

   All states have marital rape laws; half have “stalking laws”

   Against children

   Child abuse & neglect are most common among the youngest & most vulnerable child 

   Abusers are more likely to be women than men 




  1. Define the sociological concept/term
  2. Provide a visual representation (a picture) of that concept/term
  3. Write a brief write-up tying the concept and the picture together. The write-up should explain how and why your visual “clipping” represents the sociological concept. The length of the write-up should be at least a paragraph (at least 7 lines).