Determine The Relative Amounts In Terms Of Mass Fractions Of

Determine the relative amounts (in terms of mass fractions) of the phases for the alloys and temperatures given in Problem 9.8.
(a) 90 wt% Zn-10 wt% Cu at 400(C (750(F)
(b) 75 wt% Sn-25 wt% Pb at 175(C (345(F)
(c) 55 wt% Ag-45 wt% Cu at 900(C (1650(F)
(d) 30 wt% Pb-70 wt% Mg at 425(C (795(F)
(e) 2.12 kg Zn and 1.88 kg Cu at 500(C (930(F)
(f) 37lbm Pb and 6.5lbm Mg at 400(C (750(F)
(g) 8.2 mol Ni and 4.3 mol Cu at 1250(C (2280(F)
(h) 4.5 mol Sn and 0.45 mol Pb at 200(C (390(F)

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