Determining The Value Of Newly Located Natural Gas Sites Involves

Determining the value of newly located natural gas sites involves estimating the gas composition, quantity, and ease of access. For example, one report described a find of 2 trillion cubic feet of natural gas that is significantly offshore, in 20 feet of water, and at a drilled depth of 25,000 ft. (In North America and the OPEC countries, reported volumes are determined at 14.73 psia and 60°F.) The pressure in this find is estimated to be 750 atm, and the gas is 94 mole% methane, 3.5% ethane, and the balance CO2.
(a) Estimate the total lb-moles of gas in the find.
(b) Use the compressibility-factor equation of state to estimate the specific volume (ft3/lb-mole) in the well. The temperature of such wells can vary depending upon a number of factors; for the purposes of this problem, assume that it is 200°C.

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