Develop A Deployment Diagram For The Network Mentioned In The

Develop a deployment diagram for the network mentioned in the previous problem. The new Benefits for Employees, Spouses, and Dependents (BESD) system will be used primarily by the human resource department and will contain confidential information. Consequently, it will be built as a totally in-house system without any Internet elements. The database for the system is the human resource employee database (HRED), which is shared by several other systems within the company. There are two types of screens, from a systems design point of view: simple inquiry screens and complex inquiry/update screens. The simple inquiry screens just access the database, with no business logic required. The complex screens usually do fairly complicated calculations based on sophisticated business rules. These programs often have to access other data tables from other databases in the company.
The database will always remain on a central database server. The application program itself will be installed on each person’s desktop that is allowed access. However, authentication is a centralized process, and it will control which screens and program functions can be accessed by which users.

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