Disability: sebastien currently has back issues due to an accident


Theory: the theory that will be used for this paper is Erikson’s psychology theory. The reason for this choice is the application of the principles and process of Erikson’s theory in interpreting how personality of an individual develops in a predetermined order through eight stages of psychosocial development and how during each stage the individual experiences a psychosocial crisis which could have a negative or positive outcome for personality development. As a method of treating mental illness and explaining human behavior consistent with the believe that events in an individual’s childhood have a great influence on the adult live, shaping the personality.

Subject person: the client that I’m going to be working with is 40 years old guy name Sebastian, who has 2 children a girl and a boy. Sebastian currently lives with his mom due an injury that had happened. The reason for this development tasks, Sebastien shows which is in similarity with Erikson’s later-adulthood stage. Sebastian has his own point of view on how he sees the world, and how his looking to spend the rest of his life as a father of two children. This theory will also project his physical ability, and my client’s belief in lifelong learning.

Development Tasks: Key developmental tasks at this stage contains accepting one’s life, redirecting, vitality towards new roles and events, promoting intellectual strength and developing a point of view about disabilities.

Disability: Sebastien currently has back issues due to an accident while working, because of the injury Sebastien currently lives with his mom for self-care and mobility.

Potential Transition Issues: Because of his mobility issues, he finds it difficult to endure his energy for an average period. He, sometime has to use a cane to get around after being sitting for a long period of time. He gets easily tired and struggling with memorizing things he wants to do.