Discussion board: predicting criminals | introduction to crimilology | University of Illinois at Springfield

Below is the instruction for the assignment, The article attached is a reading, only a 300 word responds is required.

Please read the following article.  Notice the title says “politicians” know little about why crime rises and falls, but criminologists have some consistently valid ideas.

https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/trump-doesnt-know-why-crime-rises-or-falls-neither-does-biden-or-any-other-politician/ (Links to an external site.)

Of the explanations offered in the book, which do you think does the best job at helping us understand the most about criminal offending?  How accurate do you think criminologists, police, judges, and others who work in the Criminal Justice System are at predicting the future criminality of individuals overall?

Please see the discussion rubric at the end of the syllabus for more details on what is expected for successful discussion posts and be sure to show and cite an understanding of the textbook material AND the supplemental reading.

Reminder: Minimum 300 words required.