English 1302- week 5 assignments

hello to whom … I am looking for a expert in English 1302 class (online).

Its not a research project or term paper that im needing of a person . I need some one to help me pick up my grades in class on homework or assignmnets like: Discusions (post and response), there is a lab called MyWritingLab, and essays that we will be doing in the class , and reading the chapters in the ebook for to the tests in the Lab part and for the overall class. I am willingly to pay for the assignments week by week for my purpose.. Like right now Week 5 is due, includibg the mywriting lab part. I will upload the syllabus for the class also and i need some that is familiar with blackboard for my online class…so i need a trustworthy person that will put effort in my assignments and on time , and passing the assignments. and someone that i can trust login in my blackboard to do the assignments.