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Alternate Name(s): Cleopatra VII.
Location & Time Period: Egypt, 1st Century 

Historical Figures and Leadership

Click the linked activity title to access Assignment 2: Historical Figures and Leadership.

In this assignment, you will select one of the following historical figures and review the related recommended research. Consider how your chosen historical figure’s leadership skills might be applied in today’s modern workplace.

Historical Figures


  • Recommended Research:
    • Cleopatra VII encyclopedia entry from Great Lives from History: The Ancient World.
    • Cleopatra VII encyclopedia entry from Great Lives from History: The Incredibly Wealthy
Assignment Instructions

After reviewing the recommended research about your selected historical figure, you will use the provided template to write a two-page essay about their leadership skills and how they might play out in today’s workplace. In your essay, you will provide a rationale for your selection, some background on the selected individual, discussion of leadership skills, and application of those skills in today’s workplace. How do woman look up to Cleopatra today, was she a great woman leader

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