Essay response journal | English homework help

Read: 1.“the fourth of july audre lorde” by AUDRE LORDE

2.“on compassion” BY BARBARA LAZEAR ASCHER

3.“salvation” by langston hughes

4.“turkey in the kitchen” by Dave Barry

5.“the joy of reading and writing superman and me” by Sherman Alexie

6.“the ugly touris” BY JAMAICA KINCAID

7.“why don’t we complain” by William F. Buckley Jr

8.”what can you say about chocolate” by paul osze

and write one page essay

You may pick one of the following response options:

A. Address an issue you feel is discussed in the essay.

you may agree or disagree with the author,but make

your point of view clear. Give adequate reasons foryour argument.

B.  Write about something in your life that the essay

reminds you of. What emotion do you feel?

C.  What did you like about the essay?What didn’t you like about it? What emotion do you feel?