everything should be in the prompt and more importantly, the


This is a corporate tax case study. You must use the document attached and the numbers that come with it to create an Excel file that details the tax consequences of what is going on in the case as long as a 4 page write up. As you will see in the document attached, it is a stock redemption, and they want to know what happens upon redeeming the stock (Calculation of taxable income, dividends, accumulated E&P, etc.) You must use IRC Code Sections 301 and 302(b)(3) and any other relevant code sections to explain your answers and the math that goes with those sections. If you do not, the answer will not be correct. If you are not familiar with this material and willing to do extensive research, please do not attempt this question.

Additionally you must provide alternatives for the shareholders at the end that would result in a more favorable outcome for them. Any other questions regarding the case study can be answered in the document attached, for that is the only thing we were given for the assignment. Please follow those guidelines carefully. Thank you!

 Everything should be in the prompt and more importantly, the document I attached. If you need access to any tax research services,  


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