This exercise is about ideas and exchanging thoughts about them in writing. When replying to a classmate’s post you should treat it as a further extension on the topic, and you should respond to the ideas, advancing the discussion, in the same manner.
Each student respond must be 100-120words only
Student 1: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/gaia/esp_gaia03.htm
Student 2: https://voyager.jpl.nasa.gov/golden-record/
Student 1: Aiden Solovy
The Gaia Hypothesis, that the earth is a living organism itself, suggests neither that human consciousness nor will are illusions and of no real consequence, nor that they are a causal agent or disruption in the Gaian fabric.
These ideas would seem to suggest that human lives and thoughts are distinct from the earth organism rather than part of it, which is to go against the core concept of the Gaia principle. Miller believes that earth behaves like an organism and is in a constant process of of seeking balance, a phenomenon that includes rocks and water in a cycle that is maintained by the biota. Human beings are part of this biota, a component of the earth every bit as much as oxygen, photosynthesis, or gravity. That means that human consciousness and will are part of the earth’s consciousness and will. Some might argue that humans actually are the embodiment of the earth’s consciousness and will but that ignores the instincts of animals, or even the fact that flowers will turn to face the sun which certainly indicate a form of consciousness. Because humans have free will, they have the ability to throw the world out of balance, as evidenced by global warming. However, humans are not an invasive species, we are products of the earth. Just as our consciousness can lead to damage, it can lead to healing and I believe that is what is (slowly) happening as people begin to realize their unity with the planet and their responsibility to keep themselves, and by extension the biota, thriving and healthy.
Student 2: Dylan Zarrabi
Topic 6:
The degree to which one’s mind is hidden is the result of two factors. First, we are able to decide how much or how little we want to hide. For example, some individuals will likely hide more of their mind than others. Second, a portion of our mind is necessarily hidden due to our own inability to communicate it. For example, we cannot communicate our subconscious because we do not understand it ourselves. For that reason, mind is not synonymous with Universal Language because, not only is it not the same for everyone, but it also existed long before language was a human thought.
Given that the mind is not reflective of a complete Universal Language, the Voyager would also not have sent the exact same message without the Golden Record. This reminded me of the film, Arrival, which included a similar conundrum when species/“beings” could not communicate. While Voyager might have sent the message of life’s existence, it certainly could not have sent the message of peace.


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