Final Research Paper Topic In this major assignment towards the research paper,

ENGL 110 College Comp I Annotated Bibliography for Final Research Paper Topic: In this major assignment towards the research paper, students are required to create an annotated bibliography for their Final Papers, consisting of one to two pages. This annotated bibliography should consist of between five and seven entries.
At least five of the sources must be scholarly sources. In order to create an annotated bibliography, students must include the following: A revised preliminary thesis statement at the top of your Annotated Bibliography A list of sources in proper MLA format. A very brief description of each source, five or six sentences maximum. A one sentence statement explaining how each source connects to your thesis.
Example: Thesis: Although women warriors were depicted in a positive manner in ancient Greek, Norse, and Polynesian (Maori) myths about legendary battles, their actual status in the day-to-day lives of these cultures was much lower than the idealized portrayals in myths. Kathleen M. Self. “The Valkyrie’s Gender: Old Norse Shield-Maidens and Valkyries as a Third Gender.” Feminist Formations 26.1 (2014): 143-172. In this article, religious studies scholar and specialist in Icelandic culture, Dr. Self, posits that the shield-maidens of Viking culture represented a transitional gender role that existed in-between the clearly delineated masculine and feminine roles that prevailed in Viking settlements.
By reading the Poetic and Prose Edda sagas against the grain, Self convincingly argues that although young unmarried women of the Viking settlements of Iceland and Greenland were often pressed into battle when their menfolk went on raids against formidable enemies, their status changed drastically once they became married and property of their husbands. This argument emphasizes the gap between the idealized woman warrior as depicted in Old Norse mythological tales and the actual status of women in Viking society, which helps me to prove my thesis that the idealized portrayal of women in myth did not correspond to their actual status in ancient societies. Mechanics: All proposals must be typed.
Be sure to single space within each entry and double space between the entries of your Annotated Bibliography. Please submit all work in a WORD format as I am not able to comment directly on pdf files! Submit your work as an attachment rather than typing it directly in the CANVAS assignment box so that you won’t lose your work halfway through the submission process All citations must be done in MLA style. Please see the following website for the proper format for an Annotated Bibliography Entry: Due Date: The Annotated Bibliography is due no later than 12:59 pm on Wednesday, November 25, 2020.

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