For The Past Two Months Suzan Shader Has Been Concerned

For the past two months, Suzan Shader has been concerned about machine number 5 at the West Factory. To make sure that the machine is operating correctly, samples are taken, and the average and range for each sample is computed. Each sample consists of 12 items produced from the machine. Recently, 12 samples were taken, and for each, the sample range and average were computed. The sample range and sample average were 1.1 and 46 for the first sample, 1.31 and 45 for the second sample, 0.91 and 46 for the third sample, and 1.1 and 47 for the fourth sample. After the fourth sample, the sample averages increased. For the fifth sample, the range was 1.21, and the average was 48; for sample number 6, it was 0.82 and 47; for sample number 7, it was 0.86 and 50; and for the eighth sample, it was 1.11 and 49. After the eighth sample, the sample average continued to increase, never getting below 50. For sample number 9, the range and average were 1.12 and 51; for sample number 10, they were 0.99 and 52; for sample number 11, they were 0.86 and 50; and for sample number 12, they were 1.2 and 52. Although Suzan’s boss wasn’t overly concerned about the process, Suzan was. During installation, the supplier set a value of 47 for the process average with an average range of 1.0. It was Suzan’s feeling that something was definitely wrong with machine number 5. Do you agree?

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