Ford motor company strategic plan presentation | STR581 Strategic Planning & Implementation | University of Phoenix


Throughout this course, you have been using analyses (Part 1) and strategies (Part 2) to determine best practices for developing effective recommendations for your chosen organization. It is time to develop a Strategic Plan that will help you determine “where you would be recommending to your chosen organization how to grow their business from now (yr-2021), and where you recommend taking them (yr-2024), and how you will get there as well”. Your Strategic Plan will help you implement and manage the strategic direction of the chosen organization. In addition, you will communicate the direction of the chosen organization to stakeholders.

Develop a Strategic Plan for the chosen organization that you selected at the beginning of course and share your Plan with stakeholders.

Create a 20-minute-long executive level oral presentation for the leadership of the company to solicit their approval of your Strategic Plan. Each slide must contain descriptive speaker notes

Address the following in your presentation: 

1. An introduction of the chosen organization, with ‘new’ mission and vision statements (from Part 1)

2. Articulate the organization’s Core values, Ethics, and Social Responsibility principles

3. Analysis of the company’s: (from Part 1)

  1. Internal environment (e.g. Strengths and Weaknessesrelated to resources, trademarks, patents, copyrights, or current processes)
  2. External environment (e.g. Opportunities and Threatsrelated to market and economic “Trends”, demographics, or legal and regulatoryconcerns)
  3. An evaluation of internal andexternal environment’s impact on achieving the company strategy

4. Create a minimum of two complementary Business Objectives and explain why you chose them. (from Part 2)

5. Create a set of short and long-term goals for achieving the company’s Business Objectives and Strategic Intent.

6. Determine and describe what “Genetic strategies” you are recommending (from Part 2).

7. Determine and describe what “Value Disciplines” you are recommending (from Part 2).

8. Determine and describe what “Business (Grand) Strategies” you are recommending (from Part 2)

9. Create a plan to how “Implement” all recommended Strategies you selected, hence the Implementation Plan. Include a clear set of ‘communication strategies’ for all stakeholders. 

10. Describe the methods used for collecting the researched data throughout the formulation of the strategic plan.

11. Describe the Evaluation and Control Processes you would be recommending to Measure the performance of a successful strategic plan implementation.

12. Define a succinct Conclusion describing why the leadership of your chosen organization would accept your recommendations? Articulate the “Strategic Intent” that guided you in determining the chosen strategies.

Include APA-formatted in-text citations and a reference page with at least 4 peer-reviewed sources. Your textbook can be one of the sources.

 Be Creative!!!