Given The Following Information About Gotham Bank Bank Deposits Loans Reserves R

Given the following information about Gotham Bank:

Bank Deposits



Reserve Requirement 20 percent

Gotham Bank is holding ________ in excess reserves.

A) $22,000

B) $12,000

C) $2,000

D) -$2,000

Suppose a bank has $8 million in deposits and a reserve ratio of 20 percent. Its required reserves are A) $40,000.

B) $400,000.

C) $1,600,000.

D) $16,000,000.

Suppose a bank has $300,000 in deposits, a reserve ratio of 5 percent, and bank reserves of $45,000. This bank can make new loans in the amount of

A) $345,000.

B) $45,000.

C) $30,000.

D) $15,000.

Which formulas should I use? a detailed answer would be helpful!

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