Global communication: themes: theories of international development


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Themes: Theories of International Development and the NWICO

General information relating to the exam:




These are the exam questions for the section of the course relating to weeks 1 through 5 or October 6 through November 5. This is the international communication section of the IICS515 course.




These papers are intentionally short, and intended to allow you to build your comprehension of the course material so as to support you in your preparations for the research paper. They also provide the instructors with an opportunity to return grades and constructive advice to you at regular intervals during the IICS515 course.




Choose 2 (two) of the following 6 (six) questions. Your answers should be approximately 3 (three) pages long and no more than 1000 words in length. You are asked to choose 1 question from the October 15, 20 and 22 lectures and readings, and 1 question from the October 27, 29 and November 3 lectures and readings. That means you are asked to submit 1 assignment by Sunday October 26 and 1 assignment by Sunday November 9. Please submit the assignments to the appropriate dropbox on the Moodle site. 




There are 2 (two) 1000-word assignments in this half of the IICS515 course. There will be another 2 (two) 3-page assignments in the second intercultural communication half of the course.




For each question, I have listed the date of the lecture, the relevant themes discussed that day, and the assigned readings that day. Please concentrate on the readings and themes indicated for each question.




Please use APA when quoting from a source, and when summarizing and paraphrasing from a source. If you are unsure of your knowledge of APA, please use the Research Idol presentation and podcast. Some basic information relating to APA as it pertains to our assignment is offered below.




Microsoft Word format papers are preferred, if possible.  There is no need for a title page. And last, please put your name on your paper.




Suggestions for writing an excellent paper:




Here are some suggestions for writing papers of quality.




1. These are short papers. As such, it is recommended that you only address those concepts and points from the readings and lectures that you believe most important.  Practice economy in your writing, and be efficient in the concepts and points you select. Don’t feel you need to address everything in a given lecture or reading. Rather, address only what you feel is most important.




2. If you quote from the sources, do so sparingly and rarely. I am interested in your comprehension of the readings and lectures. Quoting does not really demonstrate your understanding of the material.




3. Your opinions are welcome in the papers.  I want to hear what you think, rather than have you merely cite from the sources and the lectures. But allow your thoughts to be informed and shaped by the readings. The best papers are those that offer evidence of your own intellectual growth, and that are written in such a way as to display your intellectual honesty.




4. A very good way to demonstrate your knowledge of a concept is to define it in your own words.




5. We will have a review in class before the first and the second assignments are due. Take advantage of those reviews to ask questions and get answers.




How to cite using APA:




The APA citation method is the style of citation used in communication studies. APA stands for the American Psychological Association; this method is used in a number of other social sciences, including psychology. There is a discussion of APA in the Research Idol Powerpoint and podcast.




How to cite the textbook or other readings for in-text citation according to APA protocol:




“Hall (1996) argues that the concept of the ‘noble savage,’ though it may seem to offer a positive view of the Other, is just as destructive in its representation of non-Western peoples” (p. 217).




If you are using the same chapter or article multiple times, you only need to indicate the year once. See this APA site at OWL for further reference on using APA in short and long quotations, summaries and paraphrases of material. A bibliography (or works cited page) is not necessary for the purposes of this paper, unless you are using sources other than those assigned in IICS515.




How to cite the Powerpoint or podcast:




Just place (IICS515 Powerpoint) or (IICS515 podcast) after the sentence in which you use an idea from either source.



2. Monday October 20 lecture


Themes: Theories of International Development and the NWICO


Readings: Chapter 2, “Development Research Traditions and Global Communication,” and Chapter 3,  “The Message: The Role of International Organizations”




The modernization and dependency models represent the two major ways in which socio-economic development in an international context, and the relationship of communication to that development, were understood in the post-World War II world. Remember that the dependency model was conceived as a way of criticizing modernization.




Describe the two models, in your own words. As you do so, reflect on how and why both reveal to us certain ideas and features relating to the nature of “modernity,” a concept discussed in the lecture.




Chapter 2, “Development Research Traditions and Global Communication,” from the textbook Global Communication, is especially relevant to this answer. Chapter 3, “The Message: The Role of International Organizations,” is not as useful here. Please give primary attention to chapter 2.