Global social media advertising | Marketing homework help

Compare and contrast global social media advertising for two companies in the same industry

Select two global companies and perform Internet research on them to compare/ contrast their current social media posts on the same channel (e.g., Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). The two companies that you select must be direct competitors in the same industry (e.g., Nike and Adidas, McDonald’s and Burger King, The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo, etc.).

Write a paragraph of at least 300 words, comparing/contrasting each company on the following components:

advertising appeal (e.g., rational appeal, emotional appeals: humor, fear, sex, etc.)

celebrity testimonials (if used) 3) selling proposition

use of language (content)

use of color and graphics (images)

hashtags used

social media metrics (e.g., likes, followers, comments, shares, re-tweets, etc.) Include screenshots of the social media posts, if possible. (PLEASE PASTE THE SCREENSHOTS IN THE WORD DOCUMENT)

Be sure to include electronic citations in APA format for your Internet sources (include the URLs) in your discussion post.