Hello Hope U R Fine Well I Need Few Answers From This Case Study Given Below Quo

Hello, hope u r fine well i need few answers , from this case studyGiven below../”AMF: Bowling Ball StrategyCase questions1.How many high performance urethane balls can AMF expect to sell?2.If AMF decides to manufacture the ball in-house, what would the cost of goods sold per ball be for each year from 1991 to 1996?3.Calculate AMF’s total investment and NPV for each of the two options.4.What factors would most affect the project outcome?5.Which option would you choose?6.What are the strategic implications of your choice?Note:•For first period assume average cost to make bowling-balls as $27.81, for subsequent periods assume cost as $25.55, $24.71, $24.17, $23.76 and $23.42 respectively”/

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