Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on INDIVIDUAL COURSEWORK. It n

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on INDIVIDUAL COURSEWORK. It needs to be at least 1500 words.
Various British designers are accredited with the reputation and image par excellence and would create opportunities for augmenting the possibilities of being inducted in reputed professional companies overseas or abroad (Andriopoulos, C., & Dawson, P. 2009).
There is a leading company in United Kingdom that is privately owned and involved in clothing as its primary business.
The company is also designing and an expert in retailing its brands of label range wears of various segments regardless of age. Mr. David Reiss the owner of the company Reiss took over from his father and created an opportunity of narrowing the gap in mass market clothes of high street as well as designer wears. It is pertinent to note that narrowing down the gap translates into provision of good quality as well as stylish clothes for prices that are amazingly affordable. The strategy following the aftermath of success creates vistas for opening up expansion in Dublin the capital of Ireland. The strategy can be created by launching wide ranges of women’s wear and globalize the business along with Dublin. Even though the efforts are on for making penetration into various countries the headway has been successful in claiming establishment of 27 outlets of retail as well as concessions numbering to three in the United Kingdom until now. Mr. Reiss continues to be endowed with the capacity of a guiding influence with strength that is all pervasive in the company.
The company Reiss is capable of creating a good brand value and an entry by creating an opportunity to internationalize the company in a manner that would be conducive for strategizing the brands and the segments. There has been successful expansion into the fields of new segments of wears including opportunities for children’s wears. This strategy should be further improved to create wide ranges of brands for encompassing a new

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