Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Psychology of Gender. It ne

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Psychology of Gender. It needs to be at least 1000 words.
It is interesting that cultural norms evolve with time, and the perception of gender changes as well since this phenomenon can be described as cultural construct. This means that the it is époque and the stage of social development dictate norms for men and women. Oransky and Marecek aimed to find to which extend cultural layers influence young generation in the question of gender identity. The authors positioned themselves as outside observers making interviewees, who were teenage boys from fifteen to seventeen, think of personal examples and revise their own experience. The authors brought culture to the research by making boys create their own narratives regarding gender roles, male friendship, and perception of masculinity with the help of open-ended and probing questions. The quotes from interviews help to see linguistic peculiarities of the boys` speech and show how they interpret reality in terms of gender and define what is right and wrong in terms of masculinity. For example, the choice of terms describing the reaction to emotions disclosure allows understanding that sincere behavior is inappropriate in the world of real men: “Boys expect that displays of feeling will mark them as “gay” or “girly” (Oransky & Marecek, 2009, 225). Therefore, attributing the word “gay” to a man disclosing emotions the boys create new cultural meaning reinterpreting already existing paradigms of homosexuality and masculinity. Being heterosexual, bold, and stoic is culturally acceptable while the rest is deviation.
Speaking about the opposition between personal and social perception of masculinity most boys referred to the term “they” (an unspecified collectivity of other boys). Therefore, this pronoun serves as a key term in cultural narrative regarding gender for many young teenagers as they feel pressure of cultural norms imposed by others.
Cultural layers in children and teenagers are

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