Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on THE CURRENT TRENDS OF WHOLE

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on THE CURRENT TRENDS OF WHOLE FOODS MARKETING. It needs to be at least 750 words.
These leaders can be contacted via phone or email specified on their website. Thus, Whole Foods Market tried to help its customers and tries to give them the best possible service as well, in order to keep its customers satisfied. (Whole Foods Market, 2011)
Whole Foods Market is an organization that claims that it provides its customers natural and least processed food. It is their Unique Selling Proposition that they try to give their customers products in purest form. They try not to sell products coming out of cloned animals. rather they claim to give the product in its most natural form possible. They also try not to use artificial colors or preservatives in their products.
Whole Foods Market has many products but most of them are related to food and health. There are many product lines available at Whole Foods Market including Grocery, Whole Body, Premium Body Care, 365 Everyday Value, Bakery, Prepared Foods and Whole Foods Market Brand. (Whole Foods Market, 2011)
Whole Foods keeps adding new product lines and should do so in order to keep its customers entertained, happy and satisfied. However, no matter what they introduce, their Unique Selling Proposition remains the same, that is, they keep giving natural and high quality products.
Whole Foods Market provides its customers with the most natural products possible which gives it a completive edge in the market. Whenever it comes to pure, organic or low processed food, Whole Foods Market always comes to mind. There are competitors for Whole Foods Market but these competitors have not taken Whole Food Market’s position and this is because Whole Foods Market provides to its customers what its competitors do not.
In this age where everybody is learned and is aware that in order to do something and to make a difference they need to stay healthy and in order to stay healthy they need to maintain a healthy diet. This is why Whole Foods

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