Hello I Need Some Answare Questions Business Operations Forecasting


I need some answare questions.

Business Operations, Forecasting: Dallas Real EstateThe year is 2015 and you are the marketing manager for Acme Realty, a real estate

company specializing in listings in Dallas, Texas. You have been asked to create a

quick forecast for the coming year. You have collected a data set with the average

house sale price over the past few years and assembled it into the table shown


Tips for Solving Problems 1 and 2:

We suggest conducting a regression analysis to solve problems 1 and 2. In

your regression analysis, be sure to use the years as values in your calculations.

If you choose to solve by plotting the points in Excel, we have found that

Scatter Plots and their associated trend lines give reliable results, but line graphs

(including the one that some versions of Excel recommend) may not.

With regards to the y-intercept, it will be the point in your model that

represents what the sales price would have been in the year 0 (i.e., more than 2000

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