Help With Five Simple Questions Please Answer Each One How Did The Major Commerc

Help with five simple questions. Please answer each one

  1. How did the major commercial centers in the Afro-Eurasian world foster commercial exchange and establish a new commercial class?
  2. Compare the Muslim societies that emerged in Mali and India with the Muslim societies in Baghdad and Cairo. How did different political and social contexts affect the forms of Islam practiced by local rulers?
  3. Compare the ways in which Islam and Christianity became more popular between 1000 and 1300. What similarities exist in how each became more established among the mass of the populations?
  4. Compare how the Delhi Sultanate and the Song dynasty established their authority and managed both their internal and external affairs. What similar methods did they use to secure their authority?
  5. How did the Mongol dynasties establish themselves using different methods in China and Baghdad? How did the Mongol raids affect commercial networks across Afro-Eurasia?
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