Hey Got A Question About Computer Organization Using Boolean Expression Here Is

Hey got a question about computer organization using Boolean expression  

here is the question 

Three couples are on the west bank of a river, indicated by h0=h1=h2=w0=w1=w2= 0.They all need to cross the river to the east bank, indicated by h0=h1=h2=w0=w1=w2= 1.The boat carries at least one person and at most two people each crossing, so several tripsare necessary. If the husband of one couple is without his wife, and the wife of anothercouple is without her husband, on the same side of the river at the same time, there will behanky-panky. Hanky-panky happens on a riverbank, not in the boat.

a) Write the simplest expression you can for function hankypanky .

(b) Construct a circuit for hankypanky . Use a switch for each input, and an LED for theoutput.

(c) Using the circuit, show how the couples can cross the river without any hanky-panky

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