Hi, I need help with essay on Business Logistics. Paper must be at least 2500 wo

Hi, I need help with essay on Business Logistics. Paper must be at least 2500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
Among its many achievements, the company boasts of being the largest employer in the industry it operates in besides being a leader in the area of research and development judging by the nature of investment it has made in the recent past. Moreover, Jaguar is also one of the leading exporters of manufactured vehicles from the United Kingdom with the company claiming an 80% stake in the country. Some of the major world destinations its brands have been exported to include China, the United States, Germany, Russia and Italy.
The company has seen many changes and since the year 2008, it has come to be owned by Tata Motors Limited. Its strategic approach has been based on a sustainable development policy, which has meant that the company has to integrate its strategic decision making with the goal of remaining responsible and ethical to all stakeholders and the society as well as the environment affected by its operations. On the financial front, the company’s overall results have remained impressive with the group announcing a pre-tax profit of £ 1,507 million in March 2012 (Jaguar Land Rover 2012). In the area of logistics, the company has been on a massive expansion and therefore the scope of its operations has diversified in the recent years. To sum up the extent of its operations, the automotive giant has three manufacturing plants in the United Kingdom in addition to its two product development sites. The company’s investment portfolio therefore requires that it is able to appropriately manage its process flows and integrate modern logistic concepts in its day-to-day operations so that it remains to be a leader in the industry. To begin, it is important that we examine the existing operational flows in the company.
With competition and technological advancement the key drivers, most manufacturing firms in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in the

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